We've Seen it All!!

We have such a great team & we have stories (trust us) for them all. Employees that have been with us for 20+, 25+ 30+ years – it’s hard to not!

“There’s a goat in my parking lot”

When we say we are a full service real estate company, we mean it! This was a real call from a client and we responded with our usual can-do attitude. Upon arrival the goat was head-butting the building – not a happy goat. We were able to remove the goat and return it to its rightful owner.

Thanks Captain Obvious

We were at settlement for a unit that had been damaged in a fire (Brite NOT responsible for fire!). To consummate the sale we were required to have a smoke detector in the unit…

Missing Briefs

The look on our plumber’s face – while working on a backed up toilet he pulled out underwear…

When NOT to be full-service: Bank Client

Experiencing a robbery, a bank locked-down, Brite politely opened the vestibule door to free the trapped “customer.” (All worked out. Justice was served and a lesson learned!)

Never hire an HVAC contractor who is afraid of heights

Mistaken Identity

Mr. Contractor you painted the wrong 80,000 SF building…and you missed a spot…