Warm Wishes on Our 35th Anniversary from Our Friends who Have Made it Possible!


Please pass along my congratulations to Ralph & Theresa on their business anniversary.

– TZ



Congratulations to you all on being part of such a great company!!

I don’t really have any stories or deals of particular note to share.  Maybe more importantly, in a business that has its share of good actors and bad, Theresa and Ralph have always been people that I have had great confidence in such that I could recommend them to others without hesitation.  In my mind their honesty and competence in the industry go without question and that is saying a lot.  Congratulations on the 35 year anniversary and I hope that you all have many more anniversaries ahead of you.

– DE



Hi Tom—it was good to see your name in my inbox.  Thank you for the opportunity to celebrate Theresa.  Theresa has been the epitome of a leader, but also a woman leader (and March is women’s leadership month).  We appreciated her as knowledgeable, determined, professional, fair—and always enthusiastic and gracious. Theresa would go the extra mile for her clients.  During the worst of the Covid lockdown, she once met me in a parking lot, both of us thoroughly masked and gloved.  Signed forms had to be exchanged—and Theresa, of course, got it done.


We don’t know Ralph as well, but may we wish them both HUGE Congratulations on 35 years, and much happiness and success for the next 35!


Hoping all is well with you.  Again, thank you!  





To Theresa and Ralph. Holy crap!!!!  You’ve made it 35 years?  Who would have thought.  I wonder what the over under was for making it this far together?  Uh?

Just kidding of course. From the onset, you two were made for each other as the foundation and core of Brite Realty. We all knew back then that you two were perfect partners with great work ethics and shared professionalism.  And that as a team, you would have great success!  Has it really been 35 years? 

I recall that in those days, we all attended the Chester County Real Estate Council.  Every one involved in the real estate sector all gathered every month and rotated around at different properties.  I knew from the beginning that you were unquestionably the right firm to handle our Ridgewood Corporate Center.  How ironic that whatever years later, you still manage Ridgewood.

I miss you all.  I wholeheartedly send my very best regards and wishes to you both!!!!  Partnerships are never easy and it is quite a testimony that you are still in business together and flourishing.  All I can say is that Theresa is a saint!!!!

With fondness and admiration,

– AT





As some of us know, you had a real passion for high rise condos in need of some TLC.  

Ralph would call on us to deliver his vision although they were all unique and challenging in their own way, the one that stands out the most is a balcony net wrapping project; keep in mind this is an eighteen-story building that we’re wrapping top to bottom, with heavy dense mesh access required repelling system, which came out beautiful until the winds came. Ralph can fill you in with the details, but for the several months I would get 2-3 calls a week from Ralph to address the issues.  I think he had me on speed dial, but what I remember the most is that he always treated us with respect, even though I know he was getting the crap.  I was never so happy to see that damn netting come down, to begin the repairs.  

From one old school dude to another.  Congrats on 35 years! Thanks for your loyalty. 



Congratulations Ralph and Theresa on a notable 35 years in the real estate business! How did you “manage” that!  Your success is a testament to your hard work, dedication, and passion for the real estate industry.  May the next chapter in your journeys bring you even more success, prosperity and fulfillment. 



To Ralph and Theresa:  Congratulations and Best Wishes on an extremely successful 35 years in your expanding business.  I am attuned to noticing your trucks and signs  when driving  throughout the region!!  It has been a privilege for our firm to be affiliated with Brite since the early days.  Over the years we have seen a lot of crazy tenants doing a lot crazy things – mostly involving nonpayment and phony excuses.  Through it all you have kept things calm, professional  and under control.  Good luck for another 35 years!  




Yes, they are truly amazing folks…I knew them when they worked at Great Valley Corporate Park when Bill Rouse was very much with us & it all was truly magical!

– SV



Please give Ralph and Theresa my Congratulations on Brite Realty’s upcoming 35th Anniversary! 

Over the years their friendship and professionalism have made  Brite Realty an outstanding Property Management company in their field. 

They have kept me updated on information and trends in the industry. 

When my Mother was moving into a residential condominium they educated me as to the key points to consider when reading Condominium Rules and Regulations  to advise my Mother.  It was very helpful. 

Wishing them 35 more years of successful Property management ! 

– HP



Brite was formed a year after I received my real estate license and I remember speaking with Ralph about picking a name for the new company. 

Ralph Magnatta and Theresa McMenamin:  Congratulations on reaching this impressive milestone of 35 years in the commercial property management and brokerage business! Your dedication, expertise, and commitment to your clients have undoubtedly played a role in your continued success.

Over the years, you’ve built a reputation for reliability, professionalism, and outstanding service, earning the trust and loyalty of your clients.

As you celebrate this significant anniversary, may you take pride in all that you’ve accomplished.  Here’s to many more years of prosperity, growth, and innovation.  Cheers to your continued success!




Ralph and Theresa, 

Congrats on turning 35!! What an accomplishment. Most marriages don’t last that long, let alone business partnerships. RealProp seems like soooo long ago. 

Two great people, …two great professionals. While our collaboration was limited, I always felt that I could call you and ask any question, particularly around Property Management. You’ve always been gracious with your time and information, and I appreciate that so much. You both were particularly supportive when I started my own business and for that I am forever grateful.   I love walking into the Ship inn or Duling Kurtz or some other Chester County watering hole, seeing you two at the bar having a drink and dinner,…always a big hello hug, a big smile and a couple of laughs were sure to follow. Thank you for that.

I wish you more of the same in the future. My god keep you healthy and happy. 

I’ll see you in the streets.

All the best.





Dear Ralph and Theresa,

Congratulations on 35 years!   You have chosen a very difficult career in some “very interesting” times.  And in doing so you and your staff have always been very professional in how you approach the management of our properties.  We look forward working with you for many more years.

All the best,

– RR


It has been a great relationship we have had with Brite. Theresa was always willing and able to handle some of our tougher tenants…. She and her staff have always been there when we call.

Congratulations on 35 years I hope she continues for many more.